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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day But Today!

That was for my fellow Rent-heads...

Anyway today's 'blizzard conditions' in New York City meant that I had to violate my dog walker's oath and stay inside. To my fellow walkers who ventured out today (you know who you are...), thanks for making me look bad.

In honor of the fluffy white stuff, I thought I'd post some pictures I'd gathered over the past few years of my clients in the bad weather!

Enjoy! I know they did.

A Norwich Terrier enjoying the start of a snowstorm down on the Lower East Side

A French Bulldog romping in the white stuff on the Upper West Side

An Airedale Terrier with 'snowplow muzzle' (Thanks, Heather)

A Whippet tolerating his raincoat near Union Square

And last but not least, my kitty Fiona, watching today's blizzard from her warm perch!

With the permission of his mommy, I wanted to post the picture of one of my clients who is no longer with us... in honor of Fletcher, the greatest English Bulldog in all of Manhattan.

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  1. cute clients!
    thanks for sharing...'snowplow muzzle'-love it!
    : )