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Friday, February 12, 2010

Seeing Spots!

I'm going home today. I don't live far from NYC... Northern Virginia is only a few hours by bus or train. My whole family will be there to celebrate Valentine's Day, and we aren't all together in one place very often so I'm quite excited. My parents just got home at 12 this morning from Florida... they were snowed out! Yes, there is apparently an absurd amount of snow at home. Our pups and kitties were all safe, thanks to our generous neighbor who made sure that everyone was taken care of in my parents' absence. Before I show off my family's menagerie, I want to make sure everyone (including myself) puts together a preparedness plan in case you ever can't get home. Leave a key with a neighbor. Give someone your phone number(s) if they notice something while you're gone. Put signs on your doors or windows for the police or fire departments with how many pets you have inside in case there's a fire. The scariest feeling is not knowing if your pet is ok, and not being anywhere nearby to make sure.

And now, without further ado, here are my our babies :)

Daisy the Dalmatian

Daisy thinks she's small...

Angie the Dalmatian/Something else

Angie thinks she's a person!

The girls watching over their domain

When we first got Spike (tabby) and Ducky (black)...

And how the brother and sister look now!

And now for a laugh...

Daisy the Bulemic Dog.

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