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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anyone Hiring?

I need a new job. After spending the day walking around in the rain, I've decided I really need an indoor job for a while. Is anyone hiring for animal-related careers? I've almost got my Master's in Animal Behavior and Conservation... just have to finish this darn thesis. I submitted my cover letter and resume to a well-known dog trainer in the city for an apprenticeship, but haven't heard back yet. It sucks that dog walking pays so well... pretty much anything at this point will be taking a pay cut. I guess I could just stick it out until the spring comes...


  1. i was thinking the same thing my friend, soooo... we have auditions @ the pussycat lounge on tuesday. start doing some crunches, we are going to be showing A LOT of skin.

  2. GOOD PLAN Jordan! let me run that by my boyfriend...